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The craziest sex trends of 2017

It is probably the most beautiful and oldest minor thing in the world. But the classic 08/15 sex seems to be boring for many if you look at the latest sex trends around lovemaking. We have taken a closer look at the most absurd and dangerous novelties and show you which sex trends can cause …


Marriage for all! VIP for everyone!

We celebrate “marriage for all” and give you VIP accounts! For a long time, homosexuals had to fight for marriage for everyone. On October 1st, 2017, the time has come: Gay and lesbian couples can get married and adopt children together from this day. We would like to support homosexual singles with a special campaign …


Your profile photos must meet these guidelines

Pictures say more than a thousand words. At Jaumo, it is necessary for communication (writing a message or marking a profile with “I like it”) that you have a profile picture. These images must meet the guidelines below. Please respect our rules. Profile pictures Stricter rules apply for profile pictures than for other pictures in …