The selection of sex toys is large and varied. Whether large or rather small, thick or rather thin, playful or modern, with vibration or without: there is something for every taste. We have therefore analyzed the preferences of eleven nations regarding sex toys. For this purpose, the ten most popular toys were evaluated in terms of type, length, diameter, color, material and price in the associated Amazon shop.

It turns out that the Italians spend the most money on a single sex toy, namely 48.70 euros. France came in second with € 41.90 per toy, followed by Germany with € 28.80. There are also big differences in length. The Spaniards, with an average of 18.8 cm, buy the longest dildos and vibrators. The Germans also like to have something more in their hands. The usable length is an average of 18.5 cm. Incidentally, according to some studies, the average German penis is 14.5 cm long when erect!

But it’s not just the length that counts. The type is also decisive. Of all the toys examined, the vibrator is the most popular with a share of 39 percent. The classic unmotorized dildo is in second place with just over 20 percent. It is also striking that sex toys with a modern look are clearly preferred over realistic-looking toys. While almost 60 percent of sex toys look classic and modern, only every third toy is clearly modeled on the penis.