It is probably the most beautiful and oldest minor thing in the world. But the classic 08/15 sex seems to be boring for many if you look at the latest sex trends around lovemaking. We have taken a closer look at the most absurd and dangerous novelties and show you which sex trends can cause excitement and which you should avoid as far as possible.

Pills for better taste and smell – Tasty Vagina & Yummy Cum

If the vagina should no longer smell and taste like vagina, you can also take pills. The capsules are made from natural substances such as wheatgrass, pineapple, cinnamon and berries, making your intimate area a fruit salad. In addition, the tablet should also increase female performance in the bedroom. The application is harmless to health. On the other hand, the underlying self-image of femininity is more than questionable: Because is a woman’s intimate smell something abnormal or even unpleasant? Similar products are said to provide delicious sperm for men too.

Stickers instead of condoms

A small sticker is intended to seal the penis and thus prevent ejaculation. The message of the product is somewhat unclear, because on the one hand you should not need a conventional condom and you can decide for yourself when to come. On the other hand, the sticker is currently in beta and is not approved as a contraceptive. Not only could pulling off the small patch afterwards cause pain.

VR outdoor porn

Virtual reality is the latest trend. As with many media, the pono industry was the driving force behind the breakthrough in technology and contributed a lot of content. With appropriate VR glasses, these films look very real, almost as if you were part of the action. Various websites offer films specifically for women. Aesthetic porn doubles the fun of masturbating. Technology that excites.

Make-up tutorial for below

Youtube is full of countless makeup tutorials. But these are no longer limited to the face. There are now instructions for men who want their penis to appear larger by contouring. The highlighter for the vagina shouldn’t be missing either. A woman took the make-up egg very literally and simply used her boyfriend’s testicles instead of a sponge to blend.

Cameltoe underwear

Miley Cyrus has shown it and likes to show your intimate area clearly visible. While otherwise care was taken to ensure that the labia did not show up in underwear or pants that were too tight, this is exactly the big sex trend in Asia. If you want to stand out, you now wear “cameltoe briefs”, whose sewn-in silicone inserts expose the female genital area. The panties are also available for men.

Aqua-Sport with a difference

Almost every woman has probably had her first sexual experience in the shower or other water jets. You can have even more fun with a new toy called Water Jet Rabbit. The vibrator is plugged directly onto the shower hose and a water jet ensures clitoral flights of fancy. This gives the shower head a whole new meaning and aqua gas is guaranteed.

Sparkling vaginas

What may seem funny at first could quickly turn out to be dangerous. The latest craze is glitter for the vagina. A small capsule is inserted about an hour before sex so that vaginal fluid and sperm sparkle and sparkle beautifully and that woman also tastes of candy. Regardless of the purpose of these glitter capsules, they are at least harmful to health. The sugar it contains can mess up the vaginal flora, the glitter particles can lead to inflammation and cracks, and overall infections are favored. The motto is: better healthy than sparkling.

DIY for white nipples

Everyone knows that anal whitening was once very fashionable. On various blogs and vlogs there are also reviews and instructions on how to lighten nipples or intimate areas yourself in a DIY manner. You could also make a dressing from the ingredients. These range from lemon juice to honey and quark. If you still have a few potatoes left, you can also try it. Apart from the fact that it is not exactly beneficial for self-confidence, inflammation and infections can also occur.

Make-up sponges for sex during menstruation

A rather questionable life hack shows what function the make-up sponge can have in addition to applying the foundation. A woman could insert a wedge or two up to the cervix as needed to have blood-free sex even during the period. Polyester foam, the material of the sponges, is closely related to Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can even be fatal. The sea sponges that are also recommended are sometimes even more dangerous because they can contain sand, bacteria and mold.

Rainbow kiss

What sounds rather romantic at first is a rather unusual sex practice, which certainly increases the intimacy between the partners. Menstruation is a prerequisite for the so-called rainbow kiss. While both are satisfying each other in the 69 position, the woman keeps his sperm in her mouth and the man keeps her blood. Then they both kiss to exchange the liquids and create the rainbow.

Conclusion of the sex trends

As with all other trends, these sex trends once again show the curiosities of (love) life. You don’t have to jump on every trend, especially if it could endanger your health. On the most natural thing in the world, we shouldn’t let ourselves be talked into what it should look like, smell or taste like. Most of the time it is better simply to enjoy the beauty given by nature.